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Dospel Partners

Ventilation with heat recovery

Since 2008 Dospel Ltd has started its cooperation with Berlüf, the German producer of air handling units. High quality products and unconventional solutions made the Leader in Ventilation sign a contract with Berlüf. More information at:

Dospel Professional Technologies

DOSPEL Sp. z o.o. is one of the biggest manufacturer of ventilation and air conditioning equipment and systems. DOSPEL Professional, being a part of DOSPEL Group, specializes in manufacturing of industrial ventilation and air conditioning systems. More than 30 years of experience, highly qualified staff of engineers and best quality of offered products make DOSPEL Professional a solid and trustworthy partner. Position of a leader at the domestic market and export to more than 50 countries worldwide prove creditworthiness of the manufacturer, who offers most technologically advanced product at affordable price.

Dospel - Leader of ventilation

Dospel Ltd is one of the greatest producers of devices and systems of ventilation and air conditioning, that offers products and services of the highest quality. The company constantly tries to predict Clients needs. Therefore, it introduces many revolutionary solutions that raise the comfort of using Dospels products. We are aware of the fact that the most important values in your life are health and happiness of your relatives. Our aim is to assure your family the highest quality of life. The measure of our success is your satisfaction. Trust us. Live with Comfort

Dospel News

Presentation of the Dospel Company

Dospel Comfort, being a part of the DOSPEL Group, offers the wide choice of domestic and industrial fans, installations, and ventilation finishings. The qualified technical and commercial advisors, who can help you at every stage of the order, are present in Dospel Comfort showrooms at your disposal. The experience of our experts is the unquestionable advantage of the developing company. The high qualified group of engineers, experts in the branch, and managers guarantee the perfect cooperation. Modern machines enable the maintenance of the highest standards of production. Millions of Dospel Comfort's products leave the factories of Dospel each year. They are always delivered on time to many continents. Our clients' satisfaction is our priority in the realization of orders.


The production process of the duct fan WK

Duct fans are designed to be installed in ducts. They are used to transfer and strengthen the air stream inside the network of ventilation ducts. We distinguish the following duct fans: centrifugal and axial. Duct fans are designed to ventilate rooms with low level of pollination, adjusted to be installed in the horizontal or vertical position in ventilation ducts. Therefore, they can be used in various installations of mechanical ventilation.


Dospel - sponsor of Aerotunnel Flyspot

On the 20th of May, on the outskirts of Warsaw, the Aerodynamics FLYSPOT tunnel has officially been opened. The Aerodymanics FLYSPOT is one of the most modern facilities of its kind in the world. Flight in the tunnel guarantees a lot of fun and one minute in it is equivalent to a single parachute jump from 4000 meters.

Everything is done under the watchful eye of professional instructors. Dospel decided to support this investment. We are pleased that in our country more often such initiatives arise - from our side we congratulate the team of Aerodymanics FLYSPOT and wish them every success.
Details at


Leading products

Silent ventilation PLAY

PLAY fans are the example of the solution that surprises a client. This is a unique product, being the connection of inteligent technology and design. Style and modernisty of this device are the answer to the most demanding clients.

Hybrid propeller increasing the flow and decreasing the fans noise,
- The possibility of the propellers easy disassembly during the periodical cleaning of the fan,
- The fans tube is stiffened with 6 ribs which disable its deformation at the moment of installation in the imprecisely made mounting hole,
- The propeller is pressed to the motor by the flowing air which disables the propeller fall out of the fan,
- Easy connection of the fan, without the need of its disassembling (all the wires are placed outside and ended with a terminal block),
- Easy regulation of higro and timer by means of potentiometers placed at the front of the fan (hidden below the grille); supplied with a screwdriver used for regulation of potentiometers - WCH version
- Higro sensor placed in the upper part of the fan, where the humidity of the fan is the highest - WCH version.

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