Domestic fans

DOSPEL domestic fans are universal fans. They are widely used for the ventilation of bathrooms, kitchens, toilets, as well as offices, houses, flats. There are four typical sizes of fans produced for ventilation ducts, diameters being 100, 120, 150, 200 mm. Fan casings are made of high quality ABS plastic with an antistatic additive, this prevents dust accumulating on the casing.

Most of the models are manufactured with IP X4 protection class In Dospel fans there are motors with ball bearings and slide bearings used. A motor with ball bearings extends the working life of the fan, reduces the noise and can be installed at a desired angle. Fans with slide bearings can only be installed in a vertical position, (either within or on a wall).

Motors with ball and slide bearings are used in Dospel fans. A motor with ball bearings extends the working life of the fan, reduces the noise and can be installed at any desired angle. Fans with slide bearings can only be installed in a vertical position, (either within or on a wall).

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Industrial fans

Industrial ventilators are a requisite equipment of every production plant minding the health of workers. Our ventilators assure the highest comfort of working, what joins directly with the enlargement of the job performance. High values and the wide range of technical parameters and the modern and aesthetical appearance cause these ventilators find use both in objects about the useful character , as and to industrial.

Accessible in the Dospel industrial ventilators offer find use in the ventilation of buildings of the public utility, commercial locals , industrial halls , stores and also economic buildings. Ventilators can become equipped into the speed regulator RN 300 or RP 300, whereby easily can adapt the work of the ventilator to needs of the user.

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Duct fans

Duct fans are designed to be installed in ducts. They are used to transfer and strengthen the air stream inside the network of ventilation ducts. We distinguish the following duct fans: centrifugal and axial. Duct fans are designed to ventilate rooms with low level of pollination, adjusted to be installed in the horizontal or vertical position in ventilation ducts. Therefore, they can be used in various installations of mechanical ventilation.

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Chimney fans

Chimney fans are the centre of the hot air distribution system. The aim of a chimney fan is the induction of warm air from the chimney and its transfer to rooms by means of suitable ventilation ducts. Owing to the use of a chimney fan, we can create an energy-saving heating system. The fans are equipped with an inbuilt thermostat that can be used to set the temperature after the excess of which, the automatic turning on of the device takes place.

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Roof fans

Roof fans are used to remove air from industrial halls, warehouses, commercial pavilions, shops, offices, single-family houses which means that the devices were created to ventilate rooms of high capacity. All three types of roof fans are designed for intake-outflow ventilation. They can be used both in public utility rooms (restaurants, bars), sanitary rooms (warehouses), living apartments, or industrial places. The advantage of WD fans is the horizontal air exhaust, so that it does not return to the building.

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Air handling units

Air handling units are designed to assure the efficient exchange of air in public utility rooms and in living apartments. The aim of the air handling unit is to deliver fresh air from the outside and outflow the used air from rooms with the simultaneous heat recovery. The basic aim of air handling units with recuperation is first of all: the mechanic constraint of the air circulation during the process of ventilation of rooms. The second thing is the heat recovery from the exhausted air. The third aim is to filter the air flown into rooms.

Air handling units for exhaust and intake ventilation enable a constant exchange of air, assuring healthy and comfortable conditions of living in buildings and rooms, and breathing fresh air. Heat recovery from the removed air decreases the costs of heating a given building.

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Heaters are designed to heat the inflown air, supplied to rooms. They can be used in building apartments, public utility rooms, and industrial facilities. Devices have been adjusted to cooperate with air handling units.

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Ventilation finish assortment

DOSPEL offers rich assortment ventilating ends which make possible creating the efficient exchange system of air and determine the decorative and aesthetical finish of ventilation systems.

Ventilation grills - They are used to cover the supply and exhaust points for ventilation systems, reducing back pressure build up. These systems facilitate efficient air distribution and they also protect against precipitation when installed outside. Deflectors - These are installed on roofs, at the top of ventilation ducts, or flues. They reduce the back flow in a system and increase the updraft of the extraction system. Their design prevents moisture entering the system. Diffusers - These air diffusers are used in both the uptake and the expulsion of air. They ensure effective air distribution by dissipating the air in different directions. These are available in plastic and metal finishes. Door's grills - Door grills allow good air movement to pass through closed doors. They are normally fitted to the bottom of doors and are suitable for most types of environments but are commonly fittedin bathrooms and utility rooms.

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System Plastics

Dospel System - is the complex solution within the range the ventilation. Into his depot enter ventilation ducts flat and round and all manner of accessories to their assembling such as: knees, ties, tees, etc. the System serves to the efficient downlead and the bringing of ventilating air. Is particularly intended to installating in flat buildings and office. Parts of the system are light and easy in the assembly and the thermal endurance of elements carries out 40° C.

Lines and shaped pieces Dospel System are incombustible. Basic elements of the system are lines round and flat, produced in three lengths: 0,5; 1,0; 1,5 m. Moreover are available the different kind of the shaped piece and assembly- indispensable elements to montage of the ventilating installation. The system is performed with anti-blocking system (shaped pieces and ties) and PP (lines).

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Ventilation ducts

Ventilation ducts are the elastic connectors in the installations of the general ventilation. A wire has been designed to transport air in duct installations of ventilation and air conditioning. It suppresses the vibrations of installation. Owing to the perforation of the internal wire, they reduce the noise made in the installation. The wire is characterized by high elasticity and resistance of frequent changes of shape and position.

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Ventilation accessories

Ventilation accessories are used to install devices and ventilating installations. The products are made of various materials and in various sizes. The company adapts them to individual needs of our clients. Accessories cover the wide range of elements that are helpful during the installation of the ventilating system. Some examples of accessories are: sealing tape, speed controllers etc.

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