System Plastics

Dospel System - is the complex solution within the range the ventilation. Into his depot enter ventilation ducts flat and round and all manner of accessories to their assembling such as: knees, ties, tees, etc. the System serves to the efficient downlead and the bringing of ventilating air. Is particularly intended to installating in flat buildings and office. Parts of the system are light and easy in the assembly and the thermal endurance of elements carries out 40° C.

Lines and shaped pieces Dospel System are incombustible. Basic elements of the system are lines round and flat, produced in three lengths: 0,5; 1,0; 1,5 m. Moreover are available the different kind of the shaped piece and assembly- indispensable elements to montage of the ventilating installation. The system is performed with anti-blocking system (shaped pieces and ties) and PP (lines).

D/LP - flat duct connector

D/LP 110x55
D/LP 220x55

D/LPP - flat duct connector with an air-damper

D/ŁPP 110x55

D/KLZ - connecting elbow bend - variable

D/KŁZ ∅1104/ 110x55
D/KŁZ ∅1125/ 220x55

D/KO - round elbow bend

D/KO ∅100/67°
D/KO ∅100/90°

D/PW - adjustable horizontal bend

D/PW 110x55

D/KPO - flat horiztontal bend

D/KPO 110x55
D/KPO 220x55

D/KPI - flat vertical bend

D/KPI 110x55
D/KPI 220x55

D/UKP - rectangular wall plate

D/UKP 110x55

D/UZP - rectangular wall plate with damper

D/UZP ∅104/ 110x55

D/UKO - circular wall plate

D/UKO ∅100
D/UKO ∅104

D/UOP - round to circular wall plate with a damper

D/UOP ∅100/104

D/TP - flat T piece

D/TP 110x55

D/TO - round T piece

D/TO ∅100

D/UMP - flat duct clip

D/UMP 110x55
D/UMP 220x55

D/UMO - round duct clip

D/UMO ∅100
D/UMO ∅104

D/ZD - long round to rectangular connector

D/ZD ∅104/ 110x55
D/ZD ∅125/ 220x55

D/ZK - short round to rectangular connector

D/ZK ∅ 100/ 110x55

D/RE - round duct reduction

D/RE 100/125
D/RE 125/150

D/LO - round ducts connector

D/LO ∅100
D/LO ∅104

D/REW - round duct reduction