Luna 200 - Air handling units
Luna 200 - 
 Air handling units
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Luna 200 - air handling unit is designed to assure air exchange in public utility and apartment buildings. The air handling unit’s purpose is to supply fresh air from the outside and dispose used air from the rooms with simultaneous recovery of thermal energy. In standard, the air handling unit is equipped with a bypass, started up without the need to open the casing. In standard, the air handling unit Luna is equipped with a bypass. It is started up by means of a lever that is placed on the casing. When the bypass is open, the heat recovery does not take place in the exchanger. In order to open the bypass, the bypass’ lever should be turned 90° in the counterclockwise direction. Bypass is used for cooling rooms by means of cool air e.g. from GWC. The air handling unit is delivered along with an air trap and a part of a pipe used for connecting the air trap to the air handling unit. To assure the correct operation of the air handling unit, it is necessary to connect a pipe which drains the condensate, by the assurance of proper running and air trapping of the pipe. DTR LUNA

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