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Optimal - 
 Air handling units
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The air handling unit OPTIMAL is designed to assure air exchange in the public utility and apartment buildings. The air handling unit’s purpose is to supply fresh air from the outside and to exhaust the used air from the room with the simultaneous recovery of heat energy. The air handling unit OPTIMAL has a separated exchangeable automatics module with the electric connectors inside. For the purpose of service, the module can be wholly disassembled and examined separately. The air handling unit has been equipped with a controller with a weekly calendar. The manual of the Controller is contained in a separate document. The controller is delivered with the connection wire (20m length) finished with the connectors RJ11. The controller’s connection consists in placing the connectors of the wire according to the air handling unit and controller’s socket. Eventually, the controller should be placed on a wall. The way of leading the wire from the air handling unit to the controller should be taken into consideration. Eternal stub pipes’ diameters are 198mm and are well-fitted to the standard Termoflex ventilation ducts (diameter – 200mm). Ventilation ducts should be carefully assembled with the use of duct clips – OZ type (4 pieces). In the case of installing the air handling unit in places where the temperature can exceed the bottom limit of 12ºC, or the upper limit of 32ºC, it is recommended to additionally insulate the ventilation ducts by means of mineral wool ( minimal thickness – 30mm). Such operation will assure the efficient and effective activity of the ventilation system. DTR OPTIMAL

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