Magnat Z - acces door with key
Magnat Z - 
 acces door with key
standard versions
007-1836MAGNAT 150x200standard
007-1840MAGNAT 200x200standard
007-1837MAGNAT 200x250standard
007-1838MAGNAT 200x300standard
007-1839MAGNAT 250x300standard
007-1841MAGNAT 300x300standard
007-1842MAGNAT 400x400standard
007-1843MAGNAT 500x500standard
007-1844MAGNAT 600x600standard

007-1845MAGNAT 150x200 /N
007-1849MAGNAT 200x200 /N
007-1846MAGNAT 200x250 /N
007-1847MAGNAT 200x300 /N
007-1848MAGNAT 250x300 /N
007-1850MAGNAT 300x300 /N
007-1851MAGNAT 400x400 /N
007-1852MAGNAT 500x500 /N
007-1853MAGNAT 600x600 /N

Access doors enable an easy access to places where there are elements requiring frequent, or temporary inspection (e.g. water valves, water meters, or gas meters) also in very humid rooms such as cellars. Construction- Powder painted sheet steel 1mm thick. Painted with the highest quality polyester-epoxy paint.

Available colors:
white, silver

powder painted sheet steel

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