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Sigma - 
 Air handling units
007-4375 SIGMA 100-0,3-1
007-4376 SIGMA 100-0,9-1
007-4377 SIGMA 125-0,3-1
007-4378 SIGMA 125-0,9-1
007-4379 SIGMA 150-1,0-1
007-4380 SIGMA 150-1,5-1
007-4385 SIGMA 250-5,0-3
007-4386 SIGMA 250-6,5-3
007-4387 SIGMA 250-9,5-3
007-4388 SIGMA 315-8,0-3
007-4389 SIGMA 315-10,2-3
007-4390 SIGMA 315-12,5-3

A supply air handling unit with an electric heater is designed for supplying air to rooms. The control panel is characterized by low noise level, compact construction, insulation of the heating space from the environment. The panels are supplied with one or three-phase voltage. The components of the SIGMA control panels are EU3 class duct filters, duct fans with three-speed motors and duct heaters. The control panel housing is made of galvanized steel and cover is locked with four butterfly screws.

Available colors:

galvanized steel