The motto of Dospel is:

- to assure its clients the maximum satisfaction and fulfillment of their needs through delivering the products of a constant, high, and guaranteed quality in the perfect price.
The mission of Dospel is to become the producer of ventilation that best reacts to the client's needs and outruns their expectations. We are going to gain or strengthen the position of the leader in ventilation around the world, in the present or new product categories that we have decided to use. We offer the highest quality of products and services, and reward the members of our staff, for whom the most important values are:
- responsibility,
- cooperation,
- respect.
These are the values that are the priceless wealth of DOSPEL.
Remember that the client is our boss who can always dismiss us.

The Quality Policy

The position of a leader in ventilation obliges us to take care of the satisfaction of our clients. Thinking about them, we still improve the quality of our goods in order to fulfill the world standards. We constantly adjust the product assortment to the changing needs of our clients. We focus on the aesthetics, quality, and stability of our goods. The products manufactured by us have gained certificates that give evidence of the fulfillment of the world standards of quality and safety. We make every effort to make our products meet your requirements. Thinking about our clients, the Board of DOSPEL Ltd has constituted and confirmed the 'Quality Policy' and introduced the Quality Management System.

In order to work out the content of our mission, the Highest Management assures that the Quality Management System corresponding to ISO 9001:2009 standard used in DOSPEL Ltd develops dynamically through the constant improvement of its efficiency. All our staff members are the experts in their branches, obliged to work in a way that satisfies the requirements of a Client and to manufacture goods and lender services of a constant high standard. The production process is controlled on each stage of realization, thanks to which you can be sure that the received product has the guaranteed quality.

Dospel Ltd considers the quality to be the foundation of its activity. The quality gained today, guarantees the better future tomorrow. The high standard of goods and services, connected with the production of: domestic and industrial fans, ventilation systems, ventilation grilles, and air conditioners is the sign of recognition of our company. We put a special emphasis on the quality, safety, experience, and professionalism.

As the most important criterion of the confirmation of quality, we consider our clients' satisfaction.

The requirements and expectations of our clients are the priority for our activity. Each product should satisfy a given client and be the recommendation for the future customer. It is the client that should come back to us, not the product.

We plan to obtain the satisfaction of our clients, and consequently increase of the Organization's profits through:

- the practical shift of the mission and quality policy to measurable goals and plans, in order to fully focus on the important areas of the organization,

- the employment of the experienced and highly qualified staff, who constantly develops their qualifications, enables the efficient performance of the Quality Management System, and consequently the guarantee of the professional customer service.

- The implementation of the more efficient and unambiguous method of defects' identification and prevention of defects in the products on every stage of their production before a client receives them,

- The extension of markets through the establishment of new and already existing business relations in the countries around the world.

- The implementation of new and automation of the existing production lines and widening the assortment of the offered goods.

Our aim is to manufacture the products of the highest quality. We fulfill it through:

- the commitment of our staff into the improvement of the Quality Management System,
- the definition of the goals connected with quality on every work position and their realization,
- development of the staff's qualifications,
- monitoring the production process on every stage,
- the constant aiming to decrease the amount of complaints.